MITTENS: Our cashmere-lined mittens are made from recycled sweaters. They are felted wool on the outside, and felted cashmere on the inside. We use this specific design for several reasons: we like the simplicity of the pattern, they are more like traditional mittens than most sweater mittens (only better, because they are upcycled and lined in CASHMERE!), and the slim, cuffless wrist slides easily into your coat sleeve to keep you cozy and draft free. They are super warm, wind resistant, and feel like a hug for your hands!


FINGERLESS GLOVES: Our fingerless gloves are upcycled from cashmere sweaters, which are first felted to make them thicker, softer, warmer and more luxurious. They are designed to hug your hand and are perfect for driving, dog-walking, and running errands. I love my mittens, but when I’m running errands, I always wear my fingerless gloves so I don’t have to take them off and risk losing one!

Our choice of cashmere as opposed to fleece for lining is a deliberate one. We choose to use natural fibers because their impact on earth is kinder than fleece, which is basically plastic, and does not degrade. Cashmere is soft, warm, and breathable – luxury for your hands!