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Brown Earth Tones Cardigan

Brown Earth Tones Cardigan

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I'm going to gush about this one! I love the colors and the textures and the structure of this sweater. It looks really well on different body types - from my tall, thin frame, to short and very curvy. The shawl collar is very deep, so it fits well over a well-endowed bosom, and also can be criss-crossed and pinned to a shoulder. You can belt it for more warmth and shape. There's lots of room for a well-rounded bum and hips. It's really lovely!


The chest and hips are so variable, I'll say it's anywhere from 36-46 for the chest, and 40-50 for the hips.

Length 32"

Sleeve 26"

Our sweaters are cashmere unless otherwise marked. Each one is one of a kind! Our design process is to gather a bunch of cashmere sweaters (which have been felted so that they are incredibly soft), and find the ones that seem to want to be together in a design, then ask them what shape they want to take. It’s very intuitive and so much fun!

Machine wash gentle, cool water, air dry.

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