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Wool Peace Skirt size S

Wool Peace Skirt size S

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Our Peace Skirts are made from the larger scraps created from cutting pieces for mittens and Twirly Skirts. We aim for zero waste, and creating this skirt pattern was one of our first ways to approach that goal. We call them Peace Skirts because they are made from so many pieces, and because Peace for the world is one of our dearest wishes.

The skirts are  A-Line, slightly stretchy, and have adjustable elastic  waists.  Each skirt is one of a kind, and people who buy them LOVE them and get so many compliments! It takes many hours to make each one, which you will appreciate when you get yours! Feel free to message us with any questions you may have.


Waist: 28“

Hip:  36“

Length:  21“

  • Care Instructions & Adjusting the Waist

    Machine wash gentle, cool water, air dry.

    Your skirt is adjustable at the waist. Find the opening where the elastic is accessible. Just pull it out and cinch it till it fits, then take a few stitches in the elastic and cut off the extra.